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Flowerscapes is a Garden and Horticulture Stock Photography agency that was started in 1992 in Eugene, Oregon when Peggy Fisher took her 25 years experience as a garden enthusiast and garden writer one step further and began photographing garden and plant images in order to supplement her writing on a variety of horticultural and gardening subjects.

Since then, Flowerscapes has grown into a stock image bank of over 40,000 images worldwide in the form of garden books, nursery catalogs, and other garden related products. Using primarily a 35 mm format, images range from: Annuals, Bulbs, Fruit, Herbs, Houseplants, Native Plants, Orchids, Ornamental Grasses, Perennials, Rhododendrons, Roses, Shrubs, Succulents, Trees, Tropical Plants, Vegetables, Vines, Water Plants, Wildflowers, Plant Diseases, Garden Features, Garden Styles, Container Plants, Exotic and Unusual Plants, and more! Particular emphasis is on: Roses, Bulbs and Perennials.

Flowerscapes prides itself on its ability to photograph plants and gardens the way they were meant to be seen- emphasizing the actual plant, its habit and characteristics that make them stand-out from the rest of the picture, wherther it be an identifying shot of a particular plant type or plant characteristic (such as growth habit, flower color, or fruit form) an unusual specimen shot, plants in a garden setting, or plant(s) placed in the landscape as a whole, or a particular garden setting or style.

Flowerscapes offers up-to-date images that are correctly labeled with specific common and botanical nomenclature and plant location at reasonable prices that are affordable. Prices are based upon the actual use, size, and rights granted of the images. There are no research or handling fees and a quick turnaround period on slide orders makes Flowerscapes a breeze to work with.*

Plus, Flowerscapes offers free extensive lists called Plant Lists that are available upon request. Plant Lists list every plant by its common, as well by its genus and species name and is divided by plant class. This provides a quick and effective way to search through a company's want or wish lists.

Flowerscapes also provides for free an extensive photo search service that takes your requests beyond its Plant Lists to its unlabled archives for unusual or recent plant introductions or plants that may not be on the Plant Lists.

* All photographs at Flowerscapes, including photographs at this website, are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. The rights to use these photographs are owned soley by Peggy Fisher and cannot be altered in any way electronically or otherwise, without written consent of Peggy Fisher. Limited rights may be granted only with written permission from Peggy Fisher and payment of a licensing fee. Unauthorized use of these photographs will be subject to copyright infringement laws and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. For more information refer to Copyright Laws section on this website.